The Simon Game implements the memory skill game of Simon. Repeat back the sound and/or light patterns in the sequence given to increase your score. It includes the following features:
  • Original UI design.
  • Unlimited rounds of play.
  • Three different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard.
  • Full sound and light up effects with options to turn them off.
  • Support for both Portrait and Lancescape modes. Allows changing of orientation mid-gameplay as well.
  • Ability to save player name and difficulty settings.
  • Top 10 ranking scoreboard (both locally and online). Both scoresboards, also record time achieved and the last sequence given that the player failed on (click list item to see).
  • Cheat mode, enter "GOD" as name and sequence will be displayed (1=G, 2=R, 3=Y, 4=B). Please note that scores achieved with it, will not be recorded.